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Revitalized MU Soil Characterization Lab will find new home in CAFNR

For many years the Soil Testing Lab at the University of Missouri has been a valuable resource for producers of the state. Results from the tests give farmers a list of recommendations to improve crop and forage yields. But a lesser-known testing facility is getting a facelift and will be ready to receive samples come spring. Once housed in the MU College of Engineering, ownership of the MU Soil…

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The Science of a Soil Test

MU Soil Labs help find out what is happening in your soil to help produce profitable crops

With harvests winding down, the farm’s focus might turn away from the fields. According to specialists at the University of Missouri, now is just as good as ever to find out what your ground needs. One way to start planning for next year’s growing season is to get a soil test and MU’s Soil Fertility Labs are there to help. David Dunn, Extension Associate Soil Testing Lab & Rice…

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Rebuilding Soils for a Changing Climate

Soil Health Expo will inform producers about managing soils in the future

In the 1980s Missouri was ranked second in the country in soil loss. At an average of 10.9 tons per acre, it wasn’t an accolade to be proud of. Farmers took to conservation efforts such as no-till planting to help lower erosion levels to 5.3 tons per acre and now the Show-Me State has improved to ranked fifth in erosion problems.As a farmer, the most valuable asset could be your soil. But with…

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Test Your Dirt

Project boosts drought tolerance through soil health

You can look at soil, listen to it and even taste it, but you won’t be able to tell much about its productivity until you test it. Farmers and homeowners wanting to know more about their dirt will get a chance for free testing at the Organic Field Day, to be held Aug. 1, at the Bradford Research Center, east of Columbia. The testing will also be available at Bradford on Aug. 9-10 during the…

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Our Most Precious Resource

Taking the long view for sustaining Missouri's soils

Peter Scharf, MU nutrient management specialist, presents at Graves-Chapple Research Center’s annual Field Day. Planting is the most important activity for any farmer. As farmers sow their seeds between this year’s spring rains, CAFNR Professor Peter Scharf wants them to consider just how critical their soil is — not just for this year’s harvest, but for sustaining…

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