Crafting the Perfect Brew

MU Extension horticulturalists researching hops

Most often used as a flavoring and stability agent in beer, hops have become more popular during the past few years, due in large part to the boom in the craft brewing industry. Hops, which are cone-shaped flowers, aren’t a new crop for Missouri, but it’s been years since hops have been a mainstay in the state. “If you go back over 100 years, you’d find a lot of hops being grown in…

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Sharing Soybean Success

Andrew Scaboo brings soybean research to all regions of Missouri

Few people can respect the vast differences between soil types across Missouri and what it takes to grow crops in those unique settings. Andrew Scaboo is one such person. Scaboo, a University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources assistant research professor, leads the Northern Missouri Soybean Breeding Program and has soybean plots spread throughout the state. Several of…

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High Tech, Low Cost

CAFNR researchers team up with College of Engineering to create robotic technology as a cost-effective method to study Missouri crops

To accurately create 3-D models of plants and collect data both on regions of crops and individual … Expand ▸To accurately create 3-D models of plants and collect data both on regions of crops and individual plants, the research team developed a combination approach of a mobile sensor tower (in background) and an autonomous robot vehicle equipped with three levels of…

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The Switch(grass) to Bales

A simple solution to institute bioenergy use

Scientists all over the world are looking for ways to use switchgrass as an effective biofuel. They should speak with Tim Reinbott, who has been doing that all winter. Reinbott, superintendent of the Bradford Research Center, east of Columbia, has substituted switchgrass bales for wood in the furnace that heats the center’s administration building. The fuel is more than cheap – it’s free;…

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Fishy Farming

Prawns are a good secondary income stream

If you’re invited to a fish fry at the Harry Cope farm, you might be served some tasty pond-raised prawns. Raising prawns is the latest in Cope’s innovative approach to farming using the resources of University of Missouri Extension and the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. Tim Reinbott examines a prawn ready for harvest. Cope said he became interested in prawns after he…

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Pest Management, Crop Advisor and Farmer Yield Day Set for July 12

One of two drought simulators at Bradford Research Center where scientists measure the effects of water deficiency on crops. MEDIA RELEASE—June 20, 2012 COLUMBIA, Mo. – Bradford Research Center will host two events to share the latest research and techniques for managing pests, improving yields and soil quality and addressing common problems in the field. Bradford is part of a network of…

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No Drop in the Bucket

Drought simulators study effects of reduced water on crops

Two drought simulators designed to test the effects of water deficiency on crops are now operational at the University of Missouri’s Bradford Research and Extension Center east of Columbia. CAFNR plant researchers Robert Sharp and Felix Fritschi in front of one of the drought simulators. … Expand ▸CAFNR plant researchers Robert Sharp and Felix Fritschi in…

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