Inspirational Impact

Making Good Management Decisions

MU Extension researchers create automated system to track precipitation

Nearly five years ago, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) revised its CAFO regulatory rules for catastrophic and chronic weather events. CAFOs, concentrated animal feeding operations, are large animal agricultural facilities that raise a specific number of animals in production barns or confinement pens. Because catastrophic and chronic weather events happen, MDNR can issue a…

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Growing Agriculture

Agriculture Education Days provide students with vast amounts of information

September and October are plenty busy for the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources’ Agricultural Research Centers. Along with the everyday research that takes place at each Center, there were Field Days to be hosted and crops readied for harvest. Mixed in with that busyness are Agriculture Education Days. These days are designed to give high school and…

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A Sweet Donation

A memorable donation for the annual sweet corn tasting

In late summer, the Bradford Research Center hosted their annual Sweet Corn Tasting. However, this year was different from the past thanks to a special donation made by a memorable MU family. This past year, the Meyer family made a generous donation in remembrance of their father, Marvin Meyer. Marvin passed away last fall, and due to his love for sweet corn, the family decided to direct his…

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Planting Pollinators

Southern Boone students help with native seeding

On November 9 students from Southern Boone Elementary in Ashland joined researchers and other volunteers at Bradford Research Center for the planting of a new native pollinators plot. The site of about an acre sits near one of the ponds at the center and is in the process of being converted to a native prairie and attractant location for native insects. The plot also will provide cover and a food…

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Collegiate Collaboration

At CAFNR's research centers, working with other universities is the norm

The high tunnel greenhouse at the Southwest Research Center is part of a collaborative project between CAFNR and Lincoln University. On a summer day last year, Horticulture Specialist Shon Bishop walked into the high tunnel greenhouse at Southwest Research Center. The center in Mt. Vernon, owned by the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, recently installed…

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A Sweet and Nutritious Treat for Missouri Families

Bradford Research Center donates sweet corn to The Food Bank

Sweet corn says summer in Missouri like sultry afternoons, baseball and lemonade stands. This week, hundreds of families in central and northeast Missouri will have fresh sweet corn to enjoy thanks to a partnership between the College of Agriculture Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) and the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri. A vacation Bible school class from Midway Heights Baptist…

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