Innovative Thinking

Crafting the Perfect Brew

MU Extension horticulturalists researching hops

Most often used as a flavoring and stability agent in beer, hops have become more popular during the past few years, due in large part to the boom in the craft brewing industry. Hops, which are cone-shaped flowers, aren’t a new crop for Missouri, but it’s been years since hops have been a mainstay in the state. “If you go back over 100 years, you’d find a lot of hops being grown in…

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As Heard on Insight: Protecting the Monarch

Thirteen MU Agricultural Research Centers will plant monarch waystations across Missouri

Did you miss the first airing of the sixth installment of our new Insight series? LISTEN NOW to the program or to the extended version of the interview. The monarch butterfly population has seen a steady decline during the past two decades. An inside look at food, health and the environment, Insight airs on Thursdays at 7:44 a.m. and 5:44 … Expand ▸An inside look at…

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A New Tool for Agriculture

CAFNR iPhone app connects users to Mizzou

Since its inception in 1870, the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources at the University of Missouri has provided the best for the people of the state. Now it is bringing the research and stories from its world-renowned scientists and researchers directly to your iPhone. The new CAFNR smart phone app features stories, highlights events, showcases CAFNR’s Agricultural Research…

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Down on the Farm Shrimp

MU developing profitable new income stream for farmers

Agriculture typically brings to mind corn, soybeans and cattle. But research at the University of Missouri could make seafood a major cash crop in the Show-Me State. David Brune, a professor of agricultural systems management in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, is developing a seafood production system that is sustainable, scalable and environmentally friendly. At MU’s…

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Our Most Precious Resource

Taking the long view for sustaining Missouri's soils

Peter Scharf, MU nutrient management specialist, presents at Graves-Chapple Research Center’s annual Field Day. Planting is the most important activity for any farmer. As farmers sow their seeds between this year’s spring rains, CAFNR Professor Peter Scharf wants them to consider just how critical their soil is — not just for this year’s harvest, but for sustaining…

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Digging Into a New Role

Leslie Touzeau leads new vegetable research project

An agricultural research center isn’t the most likely place for an art history and psychology major to end up, but for Leslie Touzeau, it’s a perfect fit. Touzeau has spent the last few years co-managing The Salad Garden, a small farm near Ashland, Mo., where she and her partners, Liberty Hunter and Dan Kuebler, grow a vast variety of herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables that they sell at…

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Fishy Farming

Prawns are a good secondary income stream

If you’re invited to a fish fry at the Harry Cope farm, you might be served some tasty pond-raised prawns. Raising prawns is the latest in Cope’s innovative approach to farming using the resources of University of Missouri Extension and the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. Tim Reinbott examines a prawn ready for harvest. Cope said he became interested in prawns after he…

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Improving Fields and Boosting Yields

Bradford Research Center set to host two events for Missouri producers

Peter Scharf shares research results with producers. COLUMBIA, Mo. – Want to boost yields, improve control of weeds and insects, maintain soil health and see the latest agricultural products and research? Bradford Research Center, near Columbia, Mo. is hosting two events July 12 where attendees can find answers to those questions, connect to experts, explore field trials and see the latest…

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Growing Skills

CAFNR students learn to grow produce at Bradford Research Center

Dakota Beveridge, a senior majoring in sustainable agriculture, pedals broccoli across Lowry Mall in May. The last few weeks of a semester are often a scramble for students, revising and presenting semester projects and papers, studying for exams and searching for internship and job opportunities. In addition to managing their academic responsibilities and considering career choices, several…

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Making Black Gold

MU students explore best practices for turning dining hall scraps into nutrient-rich compost.

Brent Elliot, a junior biological engineering student, and Tim Reinbott dump food scraps into a skid … Expand ▸Brent Elliot, a junior biological engineering student, and Tim Reinbott dump food scraps into a skid loader. Mondays are big collection days at the dining halls, often totaling more than 1,500 pounds of weekend food scraps. Last November, Tim Reinbott,…

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