Field Day

A New Opportunity

The Bradford Research Center will launch its first Vegetable Farmer Field Day on Thursday, Aug. 25. The new event will highlight the production of tomatoes, as well as peppers, in Missouri. This year will also mark Bradford’s 12th Tomato Festival, which will take place this September. Research Specialist Steven Kirk, the founder of the Vegetable Farmer Field Day, has been involved in each…

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Farming With Nature

Weed control, worms and cover crops will be discussed during the fourth annual Organic Field Day at the Bradford Research Center. The Organic Field Day will run from 2-7 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 11. Registration begins at 2 p.m. and will run throughout the event. There are three different tours available to attendees in addition to several lectures that will take place inside the John Poehlmann…

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Battling a Common Pest

The Bradford Research Center will focus on weeds during its Pest Management Field Day on Thursday, July 7. Registration begins at 8 a.m. There is a $10 cost to attend the event. Lunch will be provided at noon. Reid Smeda, professor of weed science within the Division of Plant Sciences, will present during the 2016 Pest Management Field Day at the Bradford Research Center. Photo by Logan…

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‘Super’ Alumni

Q and A with CAFNR's Research Center Superintendents/Directors who are Mizzou alums

From insects to cattle, from cotton to soybeans – the University of Missouri has Agricultural Research Centers across the state studying all areas of agriculture. Of those research centers, which are spread throughout the state, eight have superintendents or directors who earned degrees from the University of Missouri. Those degrees range from Agronomy to Plant Sciences. “By having…

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Go Organic!

Bradford to host third annual Organic Field Day on Aug. 6

The third annual Organic Field Day, hosted by the University of Missouri Bradford Research Center, will take place Thursday, Aug. 6. Registration for the event begins at 2:30 p.m. Tours begin at 3 p.m. Registration is available throughout the event. “We tried some different things last year, and we received a lot of good feedback,” Bradford Superintendent Tim Reinbott said. “We’re excited…

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Northern Exposure

June 27 field day at Bradford looks at managing bobwhite quail habitat

A June 27 field day at the University of Missouri’s Bradford Research Center will look at how farmers, landowners and wildlife enthusiasts can manage habitat for northern bobwhite quail. The northern bobwhite, a small upland game bird, was once abundant in Missouri, but intensive farming and other changes in land use eliminated much of its habitat. In the Midwest, bobwhite populations have…

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Simplifying Soybean Genetics

Pick Your Bean Day to feature hands-on demonstrations on science of soybean breeding

Senior Research Scientist Andrew Scaboo will speak on soybean breeding concepts and will take participants on tours of the research fields at Bradford. Genetics is a science that can be very intimidating. Sometimes at microscopic levels, many have a hard time understanding how it works and often don’t realize the benefits the research can do. Andrew Scaboo looks to change that. For the second…

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A Decade of Tomatoes

Tenth annual Tomato Festival at Bradford Research Center to be held Sept. 4

For the 10th year, Bradford Research Center will welcome guests to try more than 250 different types … Expand ▸For the 10th year, Bradford Research Center will welcome guests to try more than 250 different types of tomatoes and peppers at the annual Tomato Festival on Sept. 4. Ten years ago Tim Reinbott and fellow researchers at Bradford Research Center were looking…

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Rebuilding Soils for a Changing Climate

Soil Health Expo will inform producers about managing soils in the future

In the 1980s Missouri was ranked second in the country in soil loss. At an average of 10.9 tons per acre, it wasn’t an accolade to be proud of. Farmers took to conservation efforts such as no-till planting to help lower erosion levels to 5.3 tons per acre and now the Show-Me State has improved to ranked fifth in erosion problems.As a farmer, the most valuable asset could be your soil. But with…

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Return of the Bird

Researchers at Quail Field Day will share ways to improve quail numbers

Bradford Research Center is like many farms across the state in that each year they grow soybeans, corn and bountiful amounts of vegetables. For years, the center near Columbia never had quail on the property. It’s a growing dilemma across the country due to habitat loss and spreading urbanization. But thanks to work in the last decade, researchers are seeing several coveys on a regular…

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