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Our Most Precious Resource

Taking the long view for sustaining Missouri's soils

Peter Scharf, MU nutrient management specialist, presents at Graves-Chapple Research Center’s annual Field Day. Planting is the most important activity for any farmer. As farmers sow their seeds between this year’s spring rains, CAFNR Professor Peter Scharf wants them to consider just how critical their soil is — not just for this year’s harvest, but for sustaining…

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Digging Into a New Role

Leslie Touzeau leads new vegetable research project

An agricultural research center isn’t the most likely place for an art history and psychology major to end up, but for Leslie Touzeau, it’s a perfect fit. Touzeau has spent the last few years co-managing The Salad Garden, a small farm near Ashland, Mo., where she and her partners, Liberty Hunter and Dan Kuebler, grow a vast variety of herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables that they sell at…

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A Taste for Tomatoes

Annual festival draws more than 400

Hundreds of mid-Missourians sampled salsas, tasted and ranked more than 200 tomatoes, tomatillos and peppers and learned how to grow their favorite varieties at Bradford Research Center’s annual tomato festival Thursday evening. Fred Vasey of Harrisburg, Mo. strolled through Bradford’s tomato and pepper patch, where Jim Quinn, regional horticultural specialist for MU Extension, answered…

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A Sweet and Nutritious Treat for Missouri Families

Bradford Research Center donates sweet corn to The Food Bank

Sweet corn says summer in Missouri like sultry afternoons, baseball and lemonade stands. This week, hundreds of families in central and northeast Missouri will have fresh sweet corn to enjoy thanks to a partnership between the College of Agriculture Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) and the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri. A vacation Bible school class from Midway Heights Baptist…

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Improving Fields and Boosting Yields

Bradford Research Center set to host two events for Missouri producers

Peter Scharf shares research results with producers. COLUMBIA, Mo. – Want to boost yields, improve control of weeds and insects, maintain soil health and see the latest agricultural products and research? Bradford Research Center, near Columbia, Mo. is hosting two events July 12 where attendees can find answers to those questions, connect to experts, explore field trials and see the latest…

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Pest Management, Crop Advisor and Farmer Yield Day Set for July 12

One of two drought simulators at Bradford Research Center where scientists measure the effects of water deficiency on crops. MEDIA RELEASE—June 20, 2012 COLUMBIA, Mo. – Bradford Research Center will host two events to share the latest research and techniques for managing pests, improving yields and soil quality and addressing common problems in the field. Bradford is part of a network of…

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Growing Skills

CAFNR students learn to grow produce at Bradford Research Center

Dakota Beveridge, a senior majoring in sustainable agriculture, pedals broccoli across Lowry Mall in May. The last few weeks of a semester are often a scramble for students, revising and presenting semester projects and papers, studying for exams and searching for internship and job opportunities. In addition to managing their academic responsibilities and considering career choices, several…

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Making Black Gold

MU students explore best practices for turning dining hall scraps into nutrient-rich compost.

Brent Elliot, a junior biological engineering student, and Tim Reinbott dump food scraps into a skid … Expand ▸Brent Elliot, a junior biological engineering student, and Tim Reinbott dump food scraps into a skid loader. Mondays are big collection days at the dining halls, often totaling more than 1,500 pounds of weekend food scraps. Last November, Tim Reinbott,…

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Black and Gold and Green

Research centers improve efficiency in research and practice

From turning today’s tuna salad into tomorrow’s tomatoes, and improving water quality and conservation through advanced irrigation and drainage techniques, CAFNR’s 17 research centers are improving production efficiency, reducing costs and inputs and working to conserve natural resources. Solar collectors power the monitoring stations at Greenley Research Center’s drainage and…

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Seeds of Change

Transition research explores best practices for shifting from conventional to organic production

Rye and hairy vetch—the two most common cover crops for Missouri. Reinbott said they’re grown … Expand ▸Rye and hairy vetch—the two most common cover crops for Missouri. Reinbott said they’re grown together because rye provides significant fall, winter and spring cover while the hairy vetch fixes nitrogen in the soil. When mowed down the mulch may provide…

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