Bradford Research Center

Located 11 miles east of the MU campus on 591 acres, it has the largest concentration of research plots in crops, oils and related disciplines in Missouri. As a research laboratory and outdoor classroom, faculty and students investigate wastewater management, entomology, pest and weed control, alternative crops, organic transition techniques and the impact of hailstorms. Bradford engages the community through workshops, field days, corn mazes, the Tomato Festival, and native plants and pumpkin giveaways, and partners with University organizations, including Campus Dining Services, to improve MU’s sustainability.

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Save the Quail

Bobwhite Quail, known for their whistle-like bob-bob-white song, are a critical indicator of the health of a habitat. Their numbers are declining in the Midwest. A project at the University of…

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The Switch(grass) to Bales

Scientists all over the world are looking for ways to use switchgrass as an effective biofuel. They should speak with Tim Reinbott, who has been doing that all winter. Reinbott, superintendent of the…

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Back to the Lab

For many years the Soil Testing Lab at the University of Missouri has been a valuable resource for producers of the state. Results from the tests give farmers a list of recommendations to improve…

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Give It a Try

More than 1,000 people attended the 10th Annual Bradford Tomato Festival in September. Results from the taste-testing … Expand ▸More than 1,000 people attended the 10th Annual…

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Virtual Tour of Bradford Research Center

An Outdoor Classroom

With more than 200 research projects, 25,000 plots and several thousand breeding projects, students have a cornucopia of educational opportunities from which to choose

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A Research Laboratory Under the Sun

Students, faculty and extension personnel study everything from waste water management, entomology and pest and weed control to alternative crops and the impact of hailstorms.

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Community Involvement

There are as many ways to get involved at Bradford as there are plant varieties. The team at Bradford hosts numerous workshops and field days that are open to the public including corn mazes, the Tomato Festival, native plants and pumpkin giveaways.

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